Believing in the 山

The Power of 给

Fundraising allows for continued excellence -- as well as growth. Donations help bridge the gap between tuition for each family and the actual cost per student. For the 2022-2023 academic/fiscal year, gap is $4,000 per student – this can be attributed, 在很大程度上, to a lower enrollment trend. 
You believe in the 山 and in the Mercy mission.  You share our belief in the power of Catholic education.  Your generosity provides access to a Catholic, 仁慈的教育, steeped in excellence, 传统, 和价值观.



  • 现金礼品

    A cash gift is easy to make. 只需发送一个 支票付款人: 山 Saint Mary Academy” to:  MSMA, 1645 Rt. 22 West, Watchung, NJ  07069.  Note any special considerations to be given to the gift on the envelope provided or in a note.  Your gift will be fully 可扣除的税款. 
  • 股票礼品

    Publicly traded stocks or securities that have appreciated in value and have been held for more than 12 months may be donated to The 山.  联系 凯萨琳 Staudt, or (908) 757-0108, ext. 4542 to request the form needed to initiate the transfer with your broker. 
  • Gifts of Real Estate & Personal Property

    Many donors have real estate holdings 这样一个s residences, vacation homes or underdeveloped property. 在某些情况下, property taxes on these parcels have skyrocketed out of proportion to the current value. A gift of property can have significant benefits to the donor and the school alike. 
    艺术作品, rare stamps or coins, 和古董, are examples of gifts and tangible personal property that qualify for tax deductions at fair market value.  
  • Gifts to Honor or Memorialize

    Gifts may be given to honor a specific individual or organization, or to commemorate the memory of a loved one. 当 这样一个 gift is received, Advancement Office thanks the donor and 通知 the honoree or, in the case of a memorial gift, 通知 the family member(s) of the deceased. 
  • Corporate 匹配的礼物

    These programs match the employee's supported charitable organization, generally on a dollar-for-dollar basis and may include eligibility for retirees and spouses of employees. 看看你是否, or your spouse's company has a matching gift program, contact your human resources department.

    访问我们的 匹配的礼物 page to see if your company participates.
  • 计划的礼物

    A p局域网胃肠道ft (also referred to as an “房地产的礼物”) 形式化s 你的遗产 at 山 Saint Mary Academy – into perpetuity, while it continues to provide access to a 山 education for future generations of young women.  Following are some examples:  
    • 名字。 山 Saint Mary Academy 作为受益人 在你的遗嘱中.    
    • 建立一个 Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity during your lifetime.  
    All those who make a p局域网胃肠道ft to The Academy become members of The 山 Saint Mary Academy 传统社会. 

关于 the Advancement Office

The Advancement Office, which includes the Office of 女校友 Relations, is responsible for the school’s overall fundraising programs, as well as stewardship and donor engagement within the 山 community. It is supported by the Advancement Cabinet, which is made up of current and past parents, alumnae, and Board trustees. The Advancement/女校友 Office also works collaboratively with the 女校友 Association, 仁慈协会,和 父亲俱乐部. 

Our work encompasses a comprehensive annual giving program, building and endowment campaigns, and event and marketing support. The Advancement Offices are located on the 2nd floor in the main Academy building. 


点击 在这里 to download a copy of the 2021-2022 山 Saint Mary Academy 年度报告.

联系 the Office of Institutional Advancement

List of 4 members.

  • 凯萨琳 Staudt 

    Director of Advancement
  • 卡西迪 Nogueira 

    Advancement Database Coordinator
  • 艾琳 霍普金斯 

    女校友 Relations Project Coordinator
  • 埃里森 一起时 

    发展部门. Campaign Coordinator
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